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The NBA made it perfectly clear during testimony at a New York State Senate hearing on Wednesday that it wants gambling made official.

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A decade after one of its referees went to prison for betting.

Los Angeles Clippers. they cut the deficit in half after three quarters and climbed within.The Association is starting the season seven days sooner in an effort to cut down on back-to-backs and three games in four nights for teams this season.For years, the fight over nationwide sports gambling was simple.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has said betting should be legalized and.

This month, West Virginia approved a bill that would legalize sports betting.

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For years now, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been out in front on the issue of legalized sports gambling.

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Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2018. Though much of that betting is on sports like horse racing and boxing,.The NBA is coming around on sports gambling, and they want a cut. New. Share The NBA is coming around on sports gambling, and. offering betting.The NBA says that when it comes to sports betting, it wants to legalize it and get a cut of the action, according to ESPN.NBA would support nationwide sports betting so long as they get a cut The NBA is willing to turn a blind eye towards gambling.if it gets a cut, of course.

A league attorney tossed up a plan Wednesday for the NBA to get a cut of legalized sports-betting in New York.

NBA lays out gambling plan, seeks cut of bets : nba

The NBA would want 1% of every sports bet made on its basketball games.

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Leagues would receive 1 percent of the total wagered on their sporting events under the proposal detailed by NBA Senior Vice President Dan Spillane.But although the NBA is moving towards a position that favors legalized sports betting, the league wants a 1 percent cut of all money wagered.

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If the ban on legal sports betting is lifted by the Supreme Court (which is expected to happen), the NBA wants a piece of the action.ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The NBA and other professional athletic leagues deserve a cut of the proceeds if legalized sports betting expands across the country, a league.

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Looking down the road, the two sports league are looking for a cut of the betting handle on pro sports in the U.S. if the SCOTUS decision is favorable.

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Bills to legalize sports betting have been introduced in 18 states.The push to legalize betting on sports has already led. casinos lobby states for cut of.